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Managing risk in your organization is crucial: a compromise or lack of compliance can have far reaching impact. Rapid7 understands this criticality and the complexities of protecting your organization in the ever-changing IT landscape. Our security solutions deliver visibility and insight that help you accurately assess your defenses, make informed decisions, create credible action plans, and monitor ongoing progress. We simplify security compliance and risk management by uniquely combining contextual threat analysis with fast, comprehensive data collection across your users, assets, services and networks, whether on premise, mobile or cloud-based.


Nexpose: Find The Risks That Matter

Perform effective vulnerability management to combat today's threats

Vulnerability management is considered a security best practice defensive measure to protect against today's threats. Nexpose is the only vulnerability management solution to analyze vulnerabilities, controls, and configurations to find the who, what, and where of IT security risk. It uses RealContext™, RealRisk™, and the attacker's mindset to prioritize and drive risk reduction.

Metasploit: The Attacker's Playbook

Test your defenses more efficiently with Metasploit

Knowing your opponents' moves helps you better prepare your defenses.

Metasploit, backed by a community of 200,000 users and contributors, gives you that insight. It's the most popular penetration testing solution on the planet. With it, you find your weak point before a malicious attacker does.

ControlsInsight: The Game Plan for Your Security Program

Get insight into your controls effectiveness and focus to reduce risk across desktops and servers

How secure are we? What do we need to do first to improve? These are questions organizations around the world are asking themselves – with good reason. ControlsInsight helps you answer them by assessing how widely and how effectively the critical security controls are deployed throughout your infrastructure. ControlsInsight analyzes your server and desktop environment and is an integral part of a comprehensive vulnerability management strategy. Using advanced threat models tailored for servers and desktops based on the SANS Top 20, the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and Rapid7's own decades of collective experience, we give you a view into the current state of your security, a prioritized action plan with detailed instructions designed for your IT team, and the ability to track your progress over time.

ControlsInsight helps you to:

  • Measure how well critical security controls are deployed and configured throughout the enterprise, including the state of your antivirus, code execution prevention, password hygiene, and more.
  • Analyze your security posture using industry best practices for defense against evolving threats.
  • Create and track progress against your plan to improve enterprise security.

UserInsight: Find the Attackers You're Missing

Detect compromised credentials and investigate incidents to stop attacks - fast

Stolen user credentials have become the most common way of breaching the network, and are a critical step in almost every successful attack chain, yet current monitoring solutions fundamentally fail to detect attacks involving compromised credentials. Smart security leaders realize that prevention is no longer enough. Security teams need the ability to spot attackers moving within the network and thoroughly investigate critical incidents without having to craft custom rules for difficult-to-maintain monitoring solutions.

Rapid7 UserInsight is the most effective solution for detecting and investigating attacks leveraging compromised credentials, user impersonation and lateral attacker movement. It’s the only solution that can detect breaches across on-premise, cloud and mobile environments with the innate analytics to detect the changes in behavior that can signal an attack.

UserInsight Enables Security Teams to:

  • Detect: Automatically detect compromised credentials, breaches and lateral movement across on premise, cloud and mobile environments with an built-in understanding of how attackers think. Thanks to agentless endpoint inspection, UserInsight can see things other solutions will miss. And it's the only solution that can monitor activity across all the BYO-IT your users are introducing to your environment.
  • Investigate: Slash investigation time with a full picture of user activity before and after any incident. Rapidly contain the attack by identifying everyone who may have been involved.
  • Discover: See what's really going on with your users' on-premise, cloud and mobile activity without installing heavyweight proxies or device management systems.

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Complexo Horizonte Sul, nº 10
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